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Introducing Cleveland Edits Literary Group

A creative, new branch of CLEVELAND EDITS, established to represent authors in securing a publishing contract for their book. CLEVELAND EDITS, founded in 2017 by Lisa Bess Kramer, has a combined 20+ years’ experience working on a variety of writing and editorial projects. We’re pleased to share that this is our 10th year specializing in book-length projects for publishers and individual author clients

Through our editorial work at CLEVELAND EDITS, we are grateful to have wonderful relationships with publishers. These include: W. W. Norton, Macmillan, Oxford University Press, and Cognella. In our new Agency work, we will continue to expand our connections with publishers, as well as with promising and talented new writers. That said, our Agency is currently focusing on and now accepting queries (see Your One-Page Query guidelines below) for the following properties:  

  • Memoir (and memoir as a series of essays)

  • Creative Nonfiction (full-length works and essay collections) 

  • Nonfiction(health & wellness, medicine, business (including essay collections)

  •  Literary Fiction (short story collections and novels)

  • Textbooks (Humanities, History, Science, Nursing, English Composition/Writing and related)

Because working with authors as CLEVELAND EDITS LITERARY GROUP is such a new effort (transparency is key!), we hope you’ll find Lisa to be a passionate advocate of your work. Lisa loves writing, reading books, and thrives on meeting new people and helping to make meaningful connections. Lisa has edited work for authors of fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, nonfiction, and textbooks.



Most recently, in addition to her current editing work with W. W. Norton as well as CLEVELAND EDITS authors, Lisa served as lead Developmental Editor with Michael Zierler on Berg’s Biochemistry 9eand Biochemistry: A Short Course 4e, published by Macmillan Learning in 2019. On these books, she worked closely with authors Jeremy M. Berg, Editor-in-Chief of Science magazine (*John L. Tymoczko, Professor Emeritus and Towsley Professor of Biology at Carleton College), and Gregory J. Gatto, Jr., Scientific Leader and GSK Fellow at GlaxoSmithKline.

We are sorry and shocked to learn of John’s passing over the 2019 Memorial Day weekend. He will always be remembered for his zest for life and sense of humor. He was one of the hardest-working people Lisa has ever known in her role as an editor.

Lisa has also edited the work of cognitive neuroscience author and professor Jon Horvitz, psychiatrist author Jodie Skillicorn (on treating depression without medication), and social work authors Steve Burghardt, Kalima DeSuze, Linda Lausell Bryant, and Mohan Vinjamuri (A Guide for Sustaining Conversations on Racism, Identity, and Our Mutual Humanity, Cognella 2017). Lisa’s work additionally includes editing of Karen A. Chase’s new historical fiction novel,Carrying Independence(  and 

Other authors Lisa has worked with include Chernoh M. Wurie (Introduction to Policing, Cognella 2019), Tamsin Astor (The Healthy S.E.X. Habit, retitledForce of Habit: Unleash Your Power by Developing Great Habits, Mango 2018), and Jeffrey D. Chokel, (Lessons Learned from Harvard Business School, Pinstripe Press 2018).


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If you are interested in CLEVELAND EDITS LITERARY GROUP’s services, and would like to submit a Query, please carefully review these submission requirements.

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Lisa Bess Kramer does not charge a reading fee for your work. If editing work is needed, that can be discussed. The CLEVELAND EDITS LITERARY GROUP commission is 15% of the advance and the royalties; 10% for film; and 20% for foreign rights.