Human consciousness comes into the world as a flaming ball of imagination. Everything invented by man, physical or mental, is the fruit of someone’s imagination.
— Maria Montessori

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Clarifying the abstract; making stories stick, writing readable, and lessons relevant from field to classroom, one mind to the next.


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I had the pleasure of working with Lisa when she acted as a contributing editor for McGraw-Hill on the 5th edition of the Booth’s Medical Assisting Textbook, of which I am a member of the author team. I found Lisa to be very detail-oriented (a must for an editor) and an absolute pleasure to work with. Deadlines are always difficult and in this edition, some chapters required a lot of sometimes confusing rework and reorganization. Lisa always stayed on task and was unendingly encouraging and positive about the process…I highly recommend her and hope I have occasion to work with her again.
— Terri Wyman, Author, and Hospital Systems Financial Analyst
Highly regarded for her outstanding writing and editing capabilities, Lisa is the consummate professional. She has the rare ability to transform hard-to-understand material into clear, concise prose that people can easily read – and want to keep reading. Thanks to her stellar skills, she has been a valuable asset to prestigious organizations like Cleveland Clinic. While working with Lisa for our mutual client, Cleveland Clinic, she impressed me with her writing – which can have a creative flair – and with her collegial, positive and friendly nature. I would wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to work with Lisa again, and highly recommend her to others.
— Anne Gallagher, Owner, Gallagher Communications, Chicago, IL

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“Lisa Bess Kramer is not only valuable as a developmental and copy editor, she is invaluable. Her incisive notes have helped me learn to better define scenes, present characters more deeply––by both highlighting where I fall down, and where I shine in the same manuscript. Her line edits are consistent across a manuscript, she honors a schedule, and yet despite that professionalism, she is supportive and warm. As a result, Lisa has my trust, and my heartfelt endorsement as both an editor and lovely person.”
~ Karen