The Art of Faking It: How to trick other people into believing you’re confident

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “fake it ‘till you make it,” and I’m here to show you how. It might feel a lot like lying to act confident when you’re not, or trying to convince people that you have what it takes, when you’re not even convinced yourself. But getting anywhere in life depends on how willing we are to do things that we don’t feel like doing. Such as pulling ourselves out of bed on a rainy morning to enter the rat race of rush-hour gridlock.

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The Art of Curry: Cooking with Heart by Jane Claudio

It was a big surprise when, a few weeks in, he told me that he doesn’t like “white people food.” First off, I didn’t know “white people food” was a genre. I had always just referred to it as food. Apparently, he had been faking it at all those family functions, and even at our own wedding.

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The Art of the NBA Playoffs: Great Times Bouncing Over the Great Lakes

But LeBron keeps getting in our way. This year, he did it in a style that was becoming of humanity’s greatest athletes. His basketball acumen, ability, and intelligence has yet to be matched. Clevelanders know all this because they see him play every night.

I also know. I live in Toronto.

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The Art, Exhilaration, and Isolation of Ice

The old man lowered his voice and said, “I wouldn’t mess with the ice.” I thought, “Yeah, what kind of idiot would take that chance?” After the old man left, you’d assume I would heed his warning and my own intuition. Instead, I told the young man, who later introduced himself as Ben, that I’d love to try ice fishing but was a little apprehensive about walking on melting ice on a 60-degree day. 

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Recent Books we've edited, currently in production include:

As part of A Blog for All Things Art's debut launch today, we wanted to share with you some of the exciting projects we've been working on this year. Our team continues to be inspired and engaged by the work of these writers; we can't thank them enough for allowing us to be a part of their writing process! 

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July 2017 Feature #2: The Art of Love in Rescue...

Joy Karuna and her husband, Tom, live on a no-frills budget. They reside in a two-bedroom, one-bath home; eat inexpensive, home-cooked meals; and buy clothing at thrift stores.

Theirs is not an easy, silver-platter life. But Joy’s demeanor mirrors the geniality and optimism of her first name. Recently, in a Facebook post expressing unease about the state of the world, Tom reached out for people’s thoughts on potential pathways to social justice and lasting peace. Joy posted a response consisting of five words of reassurance:

“Cows. Cows are the solution.”

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July 2017 Feature #1: Designing Music and Medicine with Michael De Georgia, MD

At first glance, Dr. Michael A. De Georgia appears to be all about science and medicine. As the Director of the Center for Neurocritical Care at University Hospitals (UH) and the Maxeen Stone & John A. Flower Endowed Chair in Neurology, most of De Georgia’s life is spent in the hospital, and in academia—teaching, writing papers, and lecturing. But his career vision in high school was to embrace his artistic side as a future graphic designer.

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